Babylove Bath Tub
2 reviews
Price RM29.90
Product SKU BL0101
Brand Babylove Malaysia
Size (L x W x H) 73 cm x 43 cm x 17 cm
Availability 31

Have a fun time with your baby.

Babylove Bath Tub

It is designed to make bath time stress free for paretns and fun for baby.

Safe to use !!


Code: BL0101

Material: Grade A plastic material

Size: 73 x 43 x 17cm



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2 reviews
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Customer Reviews

Bila saya dapat bungkusan,dalam tu bukan blanket kualiti yang saya nak.lepas tanya BanyLove hantar kualiti yang saya nak .Service bagus dan cepat.

19 August 2019
Mariatul Q

Item received as per order. Quite thick the matteress for foam... Comes with bag for travelling

19 August 2019
Chiew H.

  Good product. Fast delivery. Good packaging

19 August 2019
Norhasniza H.

nice.same like the picture.first i thought its a pillow

19 August 2019
Huda A

Good packaging, fast delivery, I’m very happy with this product, pillow is big and good material too!


19 August 2019
SyhdX K

19 August 2019

Hope This Review Helps a mom out

The comforter size suits baby. Can use until up to 3 years old, for my children. Use it for nap time at the living room, cause sometimes room too hot, and she prefers sleeping in the living room while i do my house chores. Material is soft, easy for her to sleep on it.

1 August 2019
felicia tee

Good Nursing Poncho

i use it for breastfeed when we go out, sometimes the nursing room full can sit on the sofa to breastfeed using the poncho. i think most malls have breatfeeding room so it shouldn't be a problem, or else can find a quiet corner or something, won't look very obvious using the poncho. material soft, i love it!

1 August 2019

Suka Design Dia

design dia mmg cantik. selesa nak tidur. dia selalu tidur kat katil saya, tapi lepas beli ni dia tidur kat sini. senang nak simpan, tak berat pun

1 August 2019

Good Mattress

Suitable for both gender, but more for boys. Bedding thickness is around 1cm i think, it's not bad for the thickness. Enough to not feel the hard floor or playpen. Maybe if you are worry can add another layer. Overall satisfied, comfortable and soft. Thanks!

1 August 2019